Stevens P18 2016 bicycle with Pinion P18 Hub and a Gates Carbon Drive belt
Tyres: Marathon Mondial 47-622 (28 x 1.75 Inch) Folding tires
Weight:15 kg(including all accessories)

Stevens P18 bicycle equipped with an 18-gear Pinion hub, and Gates Carbon Drive belt. (Photo: Ole Zimmer/Pinion)

Total weight of Gear = 35 kg

Photography (8 kg)

Sony Alpha 7s II Camera + battery + 128GB SD card, 490g
Sony Alpha 7r III Camera + battery + 128GB SD card, 638g
Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens + UV filter, 886g
Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens, 680g
Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM,1480g
Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM lens, 820g

Sony camera charger, 98g
3x spare camera batteries, 168g
Sony 64GB UHS-I Class 10 U3 SD card, 1g
1x Extra 64 GB microSD card including adapter, 1g
PIXEL FSK 2.4GHz intervelometer, 150g
Camera Plus timelapse timer, 240g
3x Polar filters,161, "82mm, 82mm, 77mm"
ND 1.8 filter,200 ,"82mm, 77mm"
UV filer,200,"82mm,77mm"
Sirui W-1204 Tripod, 1200g
Sirui K-20X 38mm Ballhead, 400g
L-plate for tripod head, 118g
Audio-Technica ATR3350 lavalier mic, 20g
Rode TRS-TRRS Adapter, 10g
Air blower, 50g

Electronics (4.3 kg)

Cateye bike computer, 40g
Laptop + Charger + LAN USB, 2400g
Mouse w/ batteries, 106g
Laptop softshell, 364g
GPS + USB charger, 188g
Lacie Rugged 4TB External HDD, 235g
Apple iPod 3rd Generation 16GB MP3-Player + Ear phones, 50g
Sony ICDUX560BLK Digital Voice Recorder, 110g
Smart phone + 128 GB card + charger + headphones,200g
RAVPower 4-Port USB charger, 300g

Camping (5.7 kg)

MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 tent with footprint, 1600g
Marmot Never Summer sleeping bag long, 1450g
Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus, 800g
Meru Sport Towel 40 x 90, 90g
Sunix LED headlamp,74,charged via USB port
Water filter, 95g
Water purification tablets + Antichlor, 30g
Wenger Swiss army knife w/o case, 131g
Paper soap, 14g
Shaving razor, 41g
Tooth brush and paste, 68g
Compact mirror, 27g
Platybus 1L bottle, 40g
Optimus Stove Ligher, 45g
"Cooking gear (stove, repair kit, pots)", 925g
Primus empty fuel bottle 0.6L, 143g
2x water bottles, 234g

Clothing (6 kg)

Cycling gloves, 47g
Gore Windstopper gloves, 121g
Marmot Precip Trouser, 260g
Cycling shorts, 160g
Gonso Bicycle pants + padded underwear, 545g
Maier long pants,3 94g
Gore bib tight, 450g
GoreTex Jacket, 250g
Marmot Down Jacket Zeus, 410g
Stevens Thermal winter jacket, 450g
1x Shirt long sleeve - Blue, 171g
1x Stevens Shirt long sleeve - Blue, 171g
1x Pinion T-Shirt, 145g
1x White T-Shirt, 145g
2x underwears, 140g
1x Sealskinz socks, 75g
3x Biking socks, 105g
Keen shoes, 950g
Mashall hiking shoes, 900g
Giro Pneumo helmet, 280g
Baff headscarf, 38g
Baseball cap, 41g
Bicycle seat cover, 25g

Personal (0.7 kg)

Contact lenses + cleansing solution, 350g
Chapstick, 20g
Nobite lotion, 63g
Eye glasses prescription, 0g
Sunglasses with case, 156g
Belt, 20g
Waist belt, 72g
Casio W-59-1VQES wrist watch, 18g

Emergency (0.3 kg)

Ibuprufen (fever & pain killer), 16g
Tablets for Diarrhoea treatment, 8g
Malarone (Standy tablets against Malaria), 8g
Rehdydration sachets, 82g
First aid kit, 190g

Repair (1.7 kg)

Lezyene HV Micro floor drive pump, 200g
TipTop Patch Kit Tour, 20g
Toppeak Multi-tool, 235g
2x spare tubes, 280g
Brake pads 4x,35, 20g
Duct tape, 42g
Pressure guage, 45g
2x Spare belt, 300g
Gear Hub oil, 80g
Gear Hub spare parts, 200g
Gear Hub tool, 250g
Books Proofide saddle fat, 40g
Small scissors, 20g

Documents (0.3 kg)

Passport, 50g
ID card + Driving license, 13g
10 Passport photos , 10g
AOK Health Insurance Card, 5g
Bank cards, 20g
Bank phone numbers,
Pakistan Origin Card, 6g
Notebook + Pen, 145g

Bags (5.2 kg)

Orlieb front Roller Plus, 1350g
Ortlieb back roller plus, 1590g
Ortlieb rack pack M, 700g
Ortlieb Ultimate Pro E Handlebar bag, 800g
Ortlieb Airflex rucksack, 650g
EagleCreek pack-it cube, 67g
EagleCreek pack-it half-cube,18g

Gear from Germany-Pak tour

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