Part 1

Following map shows the first leg of my bicycle tour from German to Pakistan. I started off on 2nd June, 2011 in Rostock and unfortunately had to break my journey in Sivas, Turkey on 22nd July, 2011.

Part 2

This is the second leg of my bicycle tour from Germany to Pakistan. On 17th March 2015, I resumed my journey from exactly where I left off in Sivas, Turkey in 2011 and reached my final destination Layyah, Pakistan on 8th August, 2015.

Complete route


    • Not possible to cycle this route at the moment due to the security reasons. Besides, too much time on my hands, hence the longer route.

  • Kamran Best of luck, God bless you, Wishing for your safe journey.

  • All the best….. Best wishes to you … From a well wisher at Canada

  • Brother, why could not you finish your first tour (From Germany to Pakistan) in 2011?

  • Best of luck on the end of your journey, and congratulations on carrying on such an incredible journey (which updates I follow religiously on facebook)

  • Excellent work bro. keep it up ….. When u are about to reach Islamabad do post it prior … We will welcome you here ………. very good work !!!! thumbs up

  • Great man ….. your journy is great as you planned it. i would love to join this. I wish! have a nice trip. Salam from my side.

  • Well done brother. really inspirational. I am new to this hobby and so I got much of inspiration from your trip.

    Best wishes and Happy birthday in Advance


  • Hi I wanted to know the possible route from Pakistan to Tajikistan. And the things one needs during the trip and the official documents as well. Do keep us updated and I would love to meet you when you reach Islamabad. Best of luck for your journey.

  • Bro i witnessed i ur route will also hit Islamaba, when ever u reached Islamabad, plz contact me, i will b my great achievement if u come to my home and spent some time with me and my family 🙂
    Muhammad Qasim

  • How do you handle the visa stuff? did you managed it before starting your journey or ther’s any facility to get visa at border crossing ?

  • What a super champ you are! I had been trekking but couldn’t continue since i have made it to Dubai. Next time i am in Germany, will try to reach out and meet you in person.

    May God bless you!

  • Salam, What will be your route after Islamabad? Will you be passing from G-T Road Gujranwala? If yes I would like to see you there, if possible be my guest and I will serve you the most delicious meals of Gujranwala.

  • Sir, I salute you for you courage. You did an amazing job MASHA ALLAH! out of curiosity with respect, Why did you stopped in turkey? May ALLAH bless you!

  • great spirit and passion Kamran. there are many pakistanis who want to do the same. you are great inspiration for us all. God bless you .


  • I feel proud that in today’s Pakistan people like you exist and make their dreams come true.

  • brother did you visit the sultan sanjar mausoleum in ancient merv mary region turkmanistan.

    • Unfortunately, couldn’t. Had only 5 day transit visa to cross 500 km.

  • What an inspiring adventure and such a well documented travelogue… congratulations on living a full life! Truly enjoyed the journey through your photographs. Hope you also visit India sometime and we can ride together one day!

    • India has always been on my wish-list. Would love to cycle through this beautiful country one day!

  • How much you spent in your second phase I mean budget? What was the most difficult / tough experience was & most memorable things still yet?

    Well Done ! keep it up

  • Hi Kamran

    You are welcome in India and you already got a place to stay in Garden city of Bangalore :). Do let me know when you plan and I shall join you in your plans


  • what was your favorite bike red or black during your journey…and your most favorite country among these countries.

  • I am an aspiring traveler…I don’t know what motivated you with with your journeys…but for me it is to represent a different image for us Pakistanis to the world…you cycle and I plan to walk…hope to meet you some day!


  • You are the pride of pakistan Keep up the Good work, Good luck.

  • Hi, How you used to charge the electronic devices in the interior regions…??? Was electricity available everywhere on your route?
    I am asking this as i couldn’t find a solar charger in your packing list…

  • your selection is very good to see the world very closely.God bless you.May your dream come true.Good Luck

  • kamran vi…..
    dil khus ho gaya…..I really amazing. I check your facebookk page and saw the picture…it’s incredible.. take care… happy journey @vi jan

  • Salute to you friend ..just wanted to know about visa formalities and how did you plan it and got the visas upfront ( I am assuming you had Schengen Visa so which covered lot of europe..if you describe the other visas and expenses associated. Also if you can talk about expenses.I see few others also enquired about this.

    If you are visiting India -Pls let me know -I would love to host you if you are in Calcutta -or passing through West Bengal. Or at least meet you first hand.

  • hello dear,
    how much time required on bike for complete this tour??
    i want to contact with you personaly…

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