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This is the 3rd time in three years I am writing about Ali Asghar, the little boy from Layyah.

In 2020, I had just returned home from my journey across the Americas when a desperate woman appeared at our doorstep. She was seeking aid for her four-year-old son suffering from Hemophilia-A, a disease that causes excessive bleeding and requires lifelong treatment. Abandoned by his father, Ali Asghar’s mother, Shamim Akhtar, had to desperately reach out to others for help.

“It’s a difficult life for him. Even if he gets a small wound, the bleeding doesn’t stop. We didn’t even get him circumcised because of that. His ankles and knees get swollen due to internal bleeding. I cannot take the risk of sending him to school,” she said.

I shared his story in 2020, and then again in 2021. Your support enabled us to secure funds for three continuous years of treatment.

But now, our funds have run out. We can only sustain his treatment for one more month.

Today, as I saw Ali Asghar, I noticed the fragility on the little boy’s face. “Doctors insist he needs an injection every other day,” Shamim said. “Recently, Ali dislocated his shoulder, and his ankles swelled as his Factor VIII levels plummeted.”

The inflation has driven the cost of each injection from 4,500 PKR to 8,000 PKR. However, in USD, the amount remains unchanged at $28. With a minimum requirement of 10 injections per month, the monthly cost for the treatment stands at $280 (80,000 PKR).

My younger sister, Sheeba, is personally managing all the funds, ensuring a continuous supply of injections. We are also providing nutrition and home tuition to Ali.

During our previous meeting, when I asked Ali about his dreams, he had no answer. But today, he exclaimed, “I want to become a policeman!”

“Why?” I asked.

“So I can make my Layyah a better place!”

As I glimpsed at his mother in this tender moment, I noticed tears welling up in her eyes.

I request all my friends to contribute by donating or sharing this story. Together, we can ensure that Ali Asghar receives the treatment, enabling him to fulfill his dreams and transform Layyah into a beacon of hope!