NEW TRIP – Cycling Middle East & Africa

Since starting my first bicycle tour from Germany to Pakistan in 2011, one continent that has always been on my mind is Africa. I have been reading books about it for about ten years, but I didn’t feel confident to face the challenge.

After having cycled Europe, Asia, and South & North America, next up, I would love to experience Africa and the Middle East for their rich culture, hospitality, and wild landscape.

So, at the beginning of December, I am flying to Oman and starting my trip from there. From Muscat, I plan to cycle to UAE, and Saudi Arabia and then ferry across the Red Sea to Sudan. From Sudan, I plan to pedal down to South Africa.

How long will it take? Maybe, a year or two? I have no idea. I haven’t planned. All I want is to break free and become lost again on the road. I want to listen to the stories of strangers. I want infinite landscapes to fill my eyes and soul. I want to go so far away that I cannot even hear myself.

Deep inside, I have the desire to suffer as well. To dissolve my ego and start a journey toward nothingness again.

I want to go back to where it all started, tracing the footsteps of the first human species who left Africa with a dream to have a new life. I want to experience a moment of silence there. Above all, I want to know the beliefs of people I meet along the way and find out what connects and divides us on the human level.

So keep an eye on this page for upcoming updates. Please, share this post and help me connect with your friends along the route. I would love to meet them. Also, comment with your recommendations and things to do.

Big thanks to my project partners for their support on this tour: Santos Bikes, Pinion, Gates Carbon Drive, Ortlieb, Garmin, Endura, Sport Import.

Check out the gear I will be using on this tour!