A Look back at 2020!

A look back at 2020!

My most liked photos on Instagram in 2020

How 2020 unfolded for me?

My year started in Los Angeles, CA. In early March, I cycled in Joshua Tree National Park in California.

When the pandemic broke out, I took a flight to Pakistan after five years and landed in Karachi on March 22nd, the day all the international flights to Pakistan were closed. I stayed in Karachi for two months and volunteered for Akhuwat Foundation in a fundraising campaign for daily wage workers. I used to go out every day to document stories of people in the street. The campaign generated over 1.5 million USD.

In May, I went to my hometown Layyah where I spent two Eids after 18 years. With the help of family and friends, we distributed rations and meals to around two thousand people. Meanwhile, I spent the majority of my time writing stories for social media.

I published the story of a kid Ali Asghar who is suffering from Hemophilia-A disease. His post helped us raise enough funds for a five year supply of injections for his treatment. Nowadays, Ali and his sister are also getting private tuition.

Through Umano.org’s platform, we made an animated video song to tell the story of Kaavan, the world’s loneliest elephant. We released the video on the same date Kaavan was freed and moved to a sanctuary in Cambodia.

In fall, I travelled to the north of Pakistan and did a group bicycle ride in Hunza with other travellers to help raise funds for the local community.

In November, I cycled the dangerous road from Passu to Shimshal.

I spent a week in Shimshal documenting stories of unsung heroes of Pakistan, world-class climbers, families of deceased high altitude porters, and community workers. I have been sharing these stories online and raising funds for them.

2020 halted all my plans for long-distance cycling but becoming a part of some meaningful campaigns in Pakistan has been more fulfilling than any other journey I have taken on a bicycle.

I wish everyone a very happy 2021!

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