A Special Gift

Marta is from San Antonio de Aguas Calientes and comes to Antigua every day to sell handicrafts here. A few of days ago, I took some photos of her and her friends at the Central Plaza in Antigua and promised that I would come back soon to give them the pictures. So today, after my Spanish lessons, I went to a photo shop, printed some photos and headed towards the Central Plaza. After a few minutes, I found Marta and her friends and presented them the photo envelope. As they took out the photos from the envelope. Their eyes lit up and their faces beamed with a big smile. Then, I sat down with them and practised all Spanish tenses that I had been learning over the past few days.

“How is the souvenir business going here?” I ask Marta.

“Look, there are more sellers than tourists in the Central Plaza right now. There is a lot of competition. In one day, I am able to earn only 80 Quetzales. I travel to Antigua every day from San Antonio. The bus ticket costs me 8 Quetzales so I go home with very little money. I have two young children at home. Most of the stuff I sell is made by my family in a small village near San Antonio. Where are you from? Tell me about your country. Will you also bring me the pictures which you took of me today? I don’t have any pictures of me at home. Thank you for that!”

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