A Story From Medellín

“I came to prostitution seven and half years ago because I needed work. I didn’t study so couldn’t get a job. I live alone in Medellin with my two kids, who are 12 and 5 years old. I only work on the weekends and spend rest of the time at home. I earn about 80,000 COP (28 USD) per day from this work. On some days, I earn more, on others, less. In this profession, we meet good and very bad people every day. Some people are nice and some are really rough and give no respect at all. On few occasions, people did not pay me after using me. Now I ask my clients to give me money first.

“I am 28 years old and will be soon 29. I will probably end up doing this work for the rest of my life, but my children are going to school. I hope they will study to have a better future.”

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