Reunion With Mohsin

A reunion with my dear friend Mohsin who flew in from Qatar to visit me in Mashhad while I am waiting here for Turkmenistan transit visa. As I had few days visa left, I came by train to Mashhad to apply for Turkmen visa, but the consulate here was closed for one week for no obvious reasons. Today I submitted my application.

The urgent visa process time is 5-7 days but my Iranian visa is expiring in 7 days. If God is willing I shall receive the Turkmen visa after five days on Thursday with two days left to cover last 180 kilometres in Iran and reach the border. If I get the visa after exact 7 days, then I will have only few hours to leave Iran. If it takes even longer, then I will have to extend my Iranian visa.
Anyways, I and Mohsin are staying at Vali’s Home Stay in Mashhad and feeling at home, with the most delicious meals prepared by Vali’s wife, and enjoyable talk with Vali himself.

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