Alaska Is Calling

hree and a half years is what took me from Ushuaia, Argentina, to reach the border of Alaska. After spending one year in Canada and covering almost 6000 km, I had established so much emotional attachment with the country that I stopped just short of the border and kept staring at the landscape and the immigration check post in front of me. I wanted to spend a little more time with Canada and reflect upon my journey in this magnificent land. I was holding tight the dream of reaching Alaska that I would leave behind very soon.

Has it ever happened to you that you were a bit hesitant to take the last step towards your goal after chasing it for so long because you were afraid of losing a dream? That was my feeling when I reached the border of Alaska.

This video captures the last stretch of my ride in Canada. It was shot between Dawson City, Canada and Fairbanks, Alaska during eight days of cycling the Top Of The World Highway and the Alaska Highway last summer.

The song is A Temporary Dive by Ane Brun. The lyrics lines “sometimes we tiptoe, sometimes we run” beautifully capture the essence of my journey.

Video shot on: Sony Alpha 7RIII, Sony RX100V and DJI Mavic Air.