Atacama Desert Night

As the half-moon rises above the hills, the Atacama desert glows in the soft moonlight. There is absolute silence. All I can hear is my breath. Thoughts begin to surface!

“What brought me to this remote place?” If it is to be alone, then why my mind is occupied by thoughts of friends and family?

“Where does my love for big empty deserts come from?” Because I was born in the Thal Desert? Or, because in the vast expanse of a desert I can escape and get a feel of nothingness?

“Why do birds make circles in the sky?” To celebrate freedom?

“Is someone from another planet looking at us the way I am standing and looking at the sky?” If it is a person, then what he or she might be thinking?

Could it be that the answers to all my questions are buried under the sand of Atacama desert?

Shot in Atacama Desert Chile by KamranOnBike (June 2016)
Parallax animation created from a single image.

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