Endless Story—Baja California Star Trails

A cactus tree stands beside my tent like a sentinel. I sit on a rock looking at the stars wondering who has set the wheel of the sky in motion? Is the universe dancing in unison with a whirling dervish?

What are these lights? Is the sun shining on the night ocean or the roof of a dark room has tiny holes in it?
How many stars can I fit into my pockets? Can I play marbles with them or will I get blisters on my hands if I touch them?
You ask, “what is the purpose of this wandering?” How should I tell you that I am looking for the edge of the earth where the ocean drops like a giant waterfall into the dark void. I want to see how the universe looks like from there. I want to know if the emptiness in the universe is bigger than the emptiness in my heart. I want to see the door where the souls of our beloved ones enter and depart.
You once told me that when a soul departs it becomes a tiny dot in the sky. Is our planet a departed soul too in the scheme of the universe.

Is it why we all are so restless on earth? Is it just my head spinning in circles and not the sky?

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