Cycling South America

In January 2016, I came to Ushuaia, Argentina with nothing but a wild dream to travel 26,000 km from Ushuaia to Alaska on a bicycle—a journey which spans the entire length of South and North America. Within months, I was out of money, and my journey had come to a dead halt. I somehow managed with loans from friends and help from some kind souls who contributed without even my asking.

After 15 months and 13,000 km of cycling, I have crossed the South American continent and completed half of my journey.

Central and North America lay before me now. I am excited, determined and broke. So I am going to do something that I have been reluctant about and something that I have been resisting for a long time. Perhaps it’s worth it to try the last resort before putting the tour on hold and going back to work. I need your help to finish the rest of my journey. I have set up a crowdfunding page where you can contribute or help me in other ways. Please contribute!

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