Colombia Independence Day

Dear Colombia,

When I took my first pedal in Ushuaia, Argentina, all I was thinking about was you!For the 18 months in South America, amongst all fears, uncertainty, and aloneness, every breath I took and every pedal I pushed, I dreamed of you!

You were my last country in South America, and for that, I will always remember you!

You taught me that all the road have an end, but not the dreams. The journey must go on even when if you have reached the end of the world.

Oh, how I loved your misty mountains with the road snaking around them tightly, the lush green jungles echoing with birds, the waterfalls dropping from the cliffs as if galaxies falling from the sky in your feet, the tranquil beaches, and your surreal deserts. I still remember everything vividly. Every mountain I climbed, every wound I got from you, and every face that smiled for me, in your land, I hold everything dear in my heart.

People had told me, “be careful you are going to Colombia!” Yes, there were some lows and highs, but today when I close my eyes in Pakistan where it is 40 degrees Celcius hot, I still find myself swimming in a cool pool in Mocoa with birds singing songs of love for me.

When one poor soul stole my laptop from a hotel, you brought the universe to a standstill and restored my faith in humanity. The beauty and warmth of your people lit a candle that is still burning and giving light.

I may be in Layyah, but a part me is still cycling the long steep mountains of yours on an early afternoon where it has started to rain, and I am looking up in the sky with mouth open trying to catch the raindrops on my tongue.

I could have never made it to North America had I not met you first. You are the word South in South America. You are the bridge that brought me to dream!
And for that, my dear Colombia, a piece of my heart will be yours, forever!

Happy Independence Day!

With Colombian militia .
Cycling the Trampoline of Death road.


Las Lajas church.


One of the several pools on the way to the End of the World waterfall.


Cycling in hot and humid weather.


Receiving my laptop which was stolen from the hotel room. The police recovered it after a week.


Giving my blood and sweat for Colombia.


Cycling to Tatacoa Desert.


Tatacoa Desert.


This is the massive “Peñol Rock” (La piedra del Peñol which was formed 70 million years ago. 2/3 of its height is below the ground. The exposed face of the rock is over 200 meters high and is visible from everywhere in the surrounding.


View from This is the top of “Peñol Rock”.


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