Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I wrote you a message before Christmas. It was the first time ever I asked you for something, but all I received on this Christmas was one new like on my page. Maybe, the new page like came from you, but that is gone too. What can I say on this except that it is totally unlike you?

I can, however, understand that you were busy distributing billions of gifts all around the world. But now you should be back home and hooked to the internet, right? In this case, all you have to do is to round up the numbers:

1. Give a little push to my GoGetFunding campaign from 8,110 to 10,000.

2. Bring the like count on my Facebook page from 86,742 to 100,000.

3. Increase my twitter followers from 913 to 1000 , and

4. my Instagram followers from 9201 to 10,000. 

Meanwhile, I finished cycling mainland Mexico and yesterday, I entered Baja California peninsula. I have just realized that because I was on the ferry to Baja California on Christmas night, maybe that’s why you couldn’t deliver the gifts to me? Well, it is not too late and you can still help.

Lastly, my journey is far from over but I am fast losing hope from all sides, so don’t disappoint me again. Otherwise, do as you wish. It doesn’t matter and you wouldn’t be hearing from me again anyway.

Happy new year!

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