Goodbye Mexico!

My time in Mexico is over, but the journey continues. Over the past five months and a distance of some 4500 km from the south-east to the northwest of the country, I received a lot of help from the locals.

Countless people invited me into their homes and opened their hearts to me. On the road, people stopped their cars to give me food and water. Sometimes, they would even give me money. In Tijuana, a few kind souls paid for the hotel for my entire stay and gave me an envelope which when I opened later had some US dollars in it. The hospitality, the genuine love by the Mexicans has left a deep impression on me. I feel humbled and indebted to them.

Nowhere else in my journey have I seen so much diversity in culture and received so much support. This post is a little thank you to all those who made my stay in Mexico memorable and taught me about kindness. I wish one day I could do something in return.

When the night is cold and I am alone, when the shadows creep up the wall and I see no hope, their generosity rekindles a fire in my heart and keeps me warm that there is still some hope for humanity. Love has not disappeared entirely from the face of the earth. If you don’t believe me, come to Mexico!

Hasta luego Mexico!

P.S. While I publish this post I am at the border ready to face the immigration officer. See you soon on the other side of the wall!

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