KAHANI MERI – The Story of Kaavan

KAHANI MERI is a song based on the true story of Kaavan, the world’s loneliest elephant.

After spending 35 years of his life in chains at Islamabad Zoo, on November 29, Kaavan is leaving for a sanctuary in Cambodia. Soon he will be roaming free with three other elephants in a wildlife sanctuary, but around one million animals would still be locked in over 10,000 zoos across the globe.

KAHANI MERI is our first in-house endeavour at UMANO.ORG to highlight the story of animal exploitation, primarily focusing on the plight of millions of animals worldwide in captivity. You can play your part to become a voice for those who have no voice.

Join our Kaavan Club: https://www.umano.org/kaavan/


Song: KAHANI MERI – The Story of Kaavan
Lyric, Composition, Vocals, Direction: Azhar Hameed
Music Composition, Production, Alaap: Khurram Iqbal
Story, Storyboard Script, Photography: KamranOnBike
Animation, Visual FX, Additional Art Work: Kevin Lacroix
Artwork: Suzairi Shamsudin
Kaavan Character Development: Usman Riaz
Recording and Sound Effects: Dino Maddalone Productions

A Production of Umano Cinema
(c) 2020 Umano

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