A Journey of Laawaris

(اُردو میں پڑھنے کیلئے نیچے سکرول کریں)

There was a time when a tyre puncture was 5 Rupees and air refill used to cost 1 Rupee. I was in school. During the school holidays, dad used to bring me to our shop “Quetta Tyres” where I would work together with other employees—washing old tyres in the canal—fixing punctures—pumping air in the tyres. Looking at my soft skin our clients would often notice that I was either a newcomer or not a regular employee at the shop.

Dad’s hands had blisters from grooving the old tyres manually. My elder brother worked all night long vulcanising tyres. Sometimes, I would help him. Fixing one tyre would bring sixty to seventy rupees to our family. We fixed 10-12 tyres every night. We had a money box made of baked clay at home, in which we inserted our pocket money. We also had three cows, whose milk we sold to our neighbours. The money thus earned would also go into the money box.

At the end of every two or three weeks, dad broke the money box, while all of us sat around in a circle and helped him count the coins and bills. Next day, the money was spent towards cement and bricks, or workers.

We were building a new house. I rammed the foundation trenches of this house with my own little delicate hands. I broke bricks into gravel rocks for hours. In blistering heat, mom baked dozens of Rotis to feed the labourers. We didn’t have enough money to pay the contractors at once to build our house. Instead, we hired masons and labourers on daily payment. Whenever we ran out of money, the construction stopped and resumed when we had savings again. People would laugh at us and say, “this house will never be built!”

In the evening, after the workers finished work, dad, elder brother and I unloaded a trolley of bricks with our own hands and carried the bricks to the upper floor. Next morning, the labourers would get astonished, “Were there ghosts who transported the bricks to the roof?”

Dad painted the door frames in the hot summer sun, which caused him to develop jaundice. Years and years went into the construction. We sold our old house for two and a half lakhs and somehow completed the new house. Finally, in 1993, we shifted to our new house. We named the new Home “Pakistani House” on my Dad’s name – “Zafar Ali Pakistani”.

After about five years, dad passed away. Before his death, we often found animal blood and amulets at the main gate of our house. We still don’t know who was casting magic spells on us. After dad’s death, mom kept us united. I went to Multan to study and then moved to Germany. Whenever I was back in Pakistan, I stayed in the same house with my mom.

We are eight siblings, five sisters, three brothers. When mom passed away in 2011, we wanted to make sure that the family house would remain open to everyone one us, and wouldn’t be partitioned or sold. My siblings entrusted the house to me; they believed that I could not do any wrongdoing. I was reluctant but then accepted the responsibility. I didn’t have enough money left after mom’s heart surgery, so I had to take loans to get the house registered in my name. After that, I returned to Germany. Except me and my youngest brother, all of our siblings got married. Everyone moved to their own houses. Pakistani House became empty and was locked!

In 2015, when I finished the bicycle trip from Germany to Pakistan and reached Layyah, I spent a couple of weeks there. I got bored by living in an empty house, so I went to Islamabad and stayed with my sister.

Meanwhile, I started receiving messages from my other sisters. They wanted me to give them their share of the house. I couldn’t understand this. I offered to sell the house but the majority of our siblings wouldn’t agree on selling the last symbol of our parents. I didn’t live in this house, I hadn’t sold it or rented it out, so I was perplexed. If I had the money, I would have given them their share but I was already out of job. It became so frustrating that I decided to leave Pakistan and continue bicycle touring.

Cooling myself down in Costa Rica

Now, for the last two and half years, I am on the road, alone, far from my home, without a job or a future, on a seemingly never-ending journey. During this time, none of my siblings has asked me how I am, where I sleep and if I have enough money to eat? I also never bothered them by sharing any of the difficulties that I faced on the road; how many meals I skipped because I couldn’t afford them; or how many nights I slept without a hotel – while they enjoy luxuries in their homes; and how sometimes I can’t even think of spending 10-15 dollars on a pizza – while their Facebook posts share are pictures of pizzas and kebabs. But I have no complaint from them. I chose this path for myself. They did the right thing by leaving me alone.

Recently, some of my siblings have started to believe that I have occupied this house. Occupied? The house is still there, while I am far away. I sleep in deserts, forests, mountains, abandoned houses, or wherever the night falls, sometimes inside the tent, or under the open sky.

Sleeping under the open sky in the Grand Canyon.

Living in one place or having a home has no meaning to me. To stop is to die. Bury me where I die. The home for which my parents made so many sacrifices and from where their funerals departed, I don’t even want to see my own funeral leaving from there.

Resting in a bus stop in Mexico

Whenever I happen to be in Pakistan next, I will excuse myself and will get rid of this burden officially. I have no association with this building anymore. Is a home made of only walls and a roof?

Yesterday while cycling, I got to talk to my elder brother after a long time. He conveyed a message that three of my sisters has left for me; “we have torn away Kamran’s from the book of our lives!”

I felt as if somebody had torn apart my chest, pulled out my heart and crushed it under their feet. Never before on this journey did I ever feel so lonely. I was an orphan, but now I am also abandoned. It was daytime but I saw darkness everywhere. The home where we lived and slept together was now standing between us. How different are our thoughts? I ran away from the house and they, after the house.

Camping in the Baja California desert in Mexico

If there is one thing this journey has taught me it is that the world is much bigger than we think and that we should keep our thinking bigger. What if I have no home? I will remember the lullaby and the warm lap of my mother and will lie down on a rock. When tired I will eventually fall asleep under the shade of some nameless tree. I am going to chase the same dreams no matter where I find myself in the night.

Camping in the Valley of Fire in Arizona.

Yesterday, after a few hours of receiving their message, when I reached Logan, Utah, I was overcome by the feeling of homelessness. But, my Warmshowers host John had invited me to stay at this place. Despite the fact that he was out of the city for two days, he had left his house open for me. Outside his house, a Pakistani flag hoisted to greet me, similar to how it used to be outside our home. For one moment, I thought I was back in Layyah, standing in front of Pakistani House.

ایک لاوارث کاسفر

یہ بات ہے اس زمانے کی جب پنکچر پانچ روپے اور ہوا ایک روپے کی ہوا کرتی تھی ۔ میں سکول میں پڑھتا تھا ابا ہماری دکان کوئٹہ ٹائرز پر مجھے چُھٹی کے دِنوں میں مجھے وہاں کام پہ لگا دیتے. میں نہر میں ٹائردھوتا ۔دُکان پر باقی کاریگروں کے ساتھ کام کرتا، ٹا ئروں میں ہوا بھرتا پنکچر لگاتا۔میرے نرم ہاتھوں کو دیکھ کر گاہک بھی پہچان جایا کرتے تھے کہ میں یہاں نیا ہوں۔
خود ابا کے ہاتھوں میں چھالے پڑ جایا کرتے تھے ٹا ئروں کی گُڈیاں کاٹ کاٹ کر، بڑا بھا ئی راتیں جاگ جاگ کر ٹا ئروں کو مرمت کرتا، کبھی کبھار میں بھی اسکا ساتھ دیتا . ایک ٹائر کو پچ لگانے کے ساٹھ سے ستر روپے کی مزدوری ملتی . رات بھر میں ہم دونوں ایک اور ملازم کے ساتھ مل کر دس سے بارہ ٹا ئر مرمت کر لیا کرتے تھے۔
گھر میں ایک گولگ تھی جس میں ہم اپنا جیب خرچ ڈالا کرتے. ہمارے دو تین گائیں ہواکرتی تھیں جن کا دودھ ہم مُحلے میں بیچا کرتے اور پیسے گولگ میں ڈال دیتے.۔مہینے کے آخر میں ہم سب بہن بھائی دائرے میں بیٹھ جایا کرتے ، ابا گولک توڑتے اس میں سے نوٹ اور سکے نکال کر ہم سب مل کرگنتے.یہ رقم اگلے دن مزدوروں کو چلی جایا کرتی یا پھر سیمنٹ یا اینٹوں کی خریداری میں صرف ہو جاتی۔
ہم ایک نیا گھر بنا رہے تھے،اس گھر کی بنیا دوں پر میں نے اپنے نازک ہاتھوں سے دُرمٹ چلایا، اینٹیں توڑ یں ۱ور روڑے بنائے ، امی مزدوروں کیلئے درجنوں کے حساب سے گرمی میں تندور پر روٹیاں بنایا کرتیں، چنانچہ ہمارے پاس یک مشت رقم نہیں تھی. ہم نے یہ گھر دیہاڑی کی مزدوری پر بنوایا بغیر ٹھیکے کے جب پیسے ختم ہوجاتے مکان پر کام رُک جاتا، جب پیسے جمع ہوجاتے مکان پر کام پھر شروع ہوجاتا، لوگ کہتے تھے یہ گھر کبھی مکمل نہیں ہو گا۔
ابا میں اور میرا بڑا بھائی مل کرراتوں میں اینٹیوں کی ٹرالی خود اپنے ہاتھوں سے اُتارتے اور چھت پر اینٹیں پہنچاتے، اگلے دن جب مزدور کام پر پہنچتے تو کہتے کہ رات میں جن ٓائے تھے کیا، جنھوں نے اینٹیں اُو پر پہنچا دیں ؟
گرمیوں کی سخت دُھوپ میں ابا نئے گھرکے دروازوں کو پینٹ کرتے. جس کی وجہ سے انہیں یرقان ہوگیا، آخری دنوں میں جب پیسے بالکل ختم ہو گئے تو پُرانا مکان ڈھائی لاکھ میں بیچا ، جیسے تیسے نیامکان مکمل کروایا راور بالآخر ۱۹۹۳ میں ہم اس میں شفٹ ہو گئے، چونکہ ابا کا نام ظفرعلی پاکستانی تھا تو مکاں کے باہر تختی پر لکھا گیا پاکستانی ہاؤس!
صرف چار پانچ سالوں کے بعد ابا کا انتقال ہوگیا، اُن کے مرنے سے پہلے. اکثرہمیں گھرکے باہر خون کے چھینٹے تعویز گنڈے ملتے ، پتہ نہیں وُ ہ کون لوگ تھے جو ہم پر جادو ٹونہ کر رہے تھے. اباکےمرنےکے بعد ماں نےہم سب بہن بھایئوں کو جوڑے رکھا، میں ملتان پڑھنے کے بعد جرمنی چلا گیا اور وقتاٗٗ فوقتاٗٗ پاکستان جاتا توماں کے ساتھ اسی گھرمیں رہتا۔
ہم ٓاٹھ بہن بھائی ہیں، پانچ بہنیں اور تین بھائی ۔جب سن ۲۰۱۱ میں ماں کا انتقال ہوا تو سب نے کہا کہ اس مکان کے ٹُکڑے نہیں ہونے دینے اور نہ ہی اسے بیچنا ہے، یہ گھر سب کیلئے کُھلا رہنا چاہئیے ، سب نے فیصلہ کیاکہ کسی لڑائی جھگڑے سے بچنے کیلئے کامران کے نام یہ گھر لکھ دو کہ اس پر ہمیں بھروسہ ہے یہ ہیرا پھیری نہیں کرے گا، میں نے نہ چاہتے ہوئے بھی یہ ذمہ داری اپنے اُوپر لے لی، ماں کے علاج اور آپریشن پر کافی پیسہ خرچ ہو چُکا تھا، لوگوں سے اُدھار مانگا رجسڑی کے پیسے دئیے ، مکان میرے نام ہو گیا، میں واپس جرمنی آگیا، سوائے میرے اور میرے چھُوٹے بھائی کے سوا سب کی شادیاں ہو گئیں ، سب اپنے اپنے گھروں میں چلے گئے ، ۱ور مکان خالی ہو گیا اور اس پہ تالا لگ گیا۔
۲۰۱۵ میں جب میں جرمنی سے پاکستان سائیکل پر گیا تو چند ہفتے پاکستانی ہاوٗس میں گُزارے، خالی گھر میں مُجھے بڑی کوفت اور بوریت ہواکرتی تھی لہذا میں واپس اپنی بہن کے پاس اسلام ٓاباد آ گیا۔
اس دوران مجھے اپنی ایک دو بہنوں کے پیغام ملنا شروع ہو گئے کہ ہمیں گھر میں سے حصہ دو، نہ میں گھر میں رہتا تھا، نہ میں نے اسے کرائے پہ دیا تھا یا بیچا تھا ، تو پھر کیسا حصہ ؟ میں نے کہا بیچ دیتے ہیں مکان مگر با قی بہن بھائی ماں باپ کی نشانی ہر گز بیچ دئیے جانے پررضامند نہ تھے، اگر میرے پاس پیسے ہوتے تو میں دے بھی دیتا مگر میں تو نوکری بھی چھوڑ چُکا تھا، مجھے اتنی کوفت ہوئی کہ میں سب کُچھ چھوڑ چھاڑ کر پھر سائیکل کے سفر پر نکل پڑا۔
اب پچھلے ڈھائی سال سے میں میں اس سفر پر ہوں ، پاکستان اور لیہ میں اپنے گھرسے بہت دُور ، سایئکل پر، نہ نوکری ہے نہ کوئی مُستقبل! صرف ایک تنہائی ہے اور نہ ختم ہونے والا راستہ۔
ان گُزرے سالوں میں مُجھےکسی بہن بھائی نے نہیں پُوچھا کہ تُمہارا گزارا کیسے ہوتا ہے؟ کہاں سوتے ہو، کیا کھانے کیلئے پیسے ہیں بھی یا نہیں؟ میں نے بھی اُنھیں کبھی نہیں بتایا کہ کس مُشکل سے گُزر رہا ہوں، کتنے کھانے صرف اسلیے نہ کھائے کہ ہاتھ تنگ تھا، کتنے ہفتے بغیر ہوٹل کے ٹینٹ میں گُزارے، جب کہ اُن سب کے پاس گھر ہیں، گاڑیاں ہیں اور پیسہ ہے، اکثر میں اچھا کھانایا پیزا نہیں افورڈ کر سکتا مگر اُنکی فیس بُک پیزا اور تکہ کباب کی تصویریں سے بھری ہوتی ہے۔مگر کسی سے شکایت نہیں ، میں نے یہ راستہ خود اپنے لیےچُنا ہے اور مجھے میرے حال پر چُھوڑ کر اُنھوں نے ٹھیک کیا ہے، میں بھی تو سالوں اُن سے بات نہیں کرتا۔
مگر اب کُچھ بہنوں کا خیال ہےکہ میں نے گھر پر قبضہ کر رکھا ہے! قبضہ؟ مجھے توان بیابان صحراوٗں ، جنگلوں ، پہاڑوں میں جہاں نیند ٓاتی ہے میں وہیں سو جاتا ہوں، کبھی ٹینٹ میں، کبھی متروکہ گھروں میں اور کبھی کھُلے ٓاسمان کے نیچے-
میرے لیے اب ایک جگہ رہنا اور گھر کوئی معنی نہیں رکھتے، بلکہ ایک جگہ رُکنا موت کے برابر ہے – مجھے وہیں دفنا دیا جائےجہاں مُجھے موت ٓائے، وُہ گھر جس کیلئے میرے ماں باپ نے اتنی قُربانیاں دیں مگر وہاں سے اُنکے جنازے نکلے میں وہاں سے اپنا جنازہ بھی نکلتے ہوئے نہیں دیکھنا چاہتا۔
جب پاکستان جانا ہواسب کے آگے ہاتھ جوڑ لوں گا اوریہ امانت قانونی طور پر واپس کر دوں گا، اس گھر سے میری اب کوئی وابستگی نہیں، کیا گھر صرف در و دیوار کا نام ہوتا ہے؟
کل سائیکل چلا رہا تھا، بڑے بھائی سے کافی عرصے بعد بات ہوئی، اُس نے کہا تُمہاری تین بہنوں نے مُشترکہ پیغام بھجوایا ہے کہ کامران کا صفحہ ہم نے اپنی زندگی کی کتاب سے پھاڑ کر پھینک دیا ہے!
یہ سُناتو ایسا لگا کہ جیسے کسی نے سینہ چیر کر دل نکال کر پاوٗں تلے مسل دیا ہو،اس سفر میں اتنی تنہائی اس سے قبل کبھی محسوس نہ ہوئی ، ایسا لگا پہلے تو میں یتیم اور مسکین تھا اب لاوارث بھی ہو گیا ہوں، وقت دن کا تھا مگر مُجھے ہر طرف اندھیرا نظر ٓارہا تھا، وُہ گھر جس کی چھت تلے ہم اکھٹے سویا کرتے تھے اب وُہی ہمارےبیچ کھڑاہے، ہماری سوچ میں کتنا فرق ہے، میں گھر سے دُور بھاگتا ہوں اور وُہ گھر کے پیچھے۔
اس سفر سے اگر میں نے کوئی ایک بات سیکھی ہے تو وہ یہ دُنیا ہماری سوچ سے بہت بڑی ہے اور انسان کو اپنی سوچ بھی بڑی رکھنی چاہیے۔ اگر گھر نہیں تو کیا میں ماں کی لوری اور اُسکی گود کو یا د کر کے، کسی پتھر سو جاوٗں گا، تھک ہار کر مجھے بھی کسی نہ کسی گُمنام درخت کی چھاوٗں تلے نیند ٓا ہی جائے گی ۔میں انہی خوابوں کا پیچھا کرتا رہوں گااس بات سے قطع نظر کہ میری رات کہاں گُزرتی ہے ۔
کل اس واقعے کے چند گھنٹوں بعد میں جب امریکہ کی ریاست یُوٹاہ میں واقع شہر لوگان پہنچا تو میں اپنے آپ کو بے گھر محسوس کر رہا تھامگر یہاں ایک گورے میزبان نے اپنے گھر مجھے رہنے کے لیےمدعو کیا تھا، گو وُہ دو دنوں کیلئے شہر سے باہر تھا مگر اُس نے گھر کا دروازہ میرے لیےکھُلارکھ چھوڑاتھا۔ گھر کے باہر میرے استقبال میں پاکستان کا جھنڈا لگایا ہوا تھا بالکل جیسے کبھی ہمارے گھر کے باہر ہواکرتا تھا،ایک لمحے کے لیے ایسا لگا جیسے میں واپس لیہ میں پاکستانی ہاوٰس پہنچ گیا ہوں۔

39 thoughts on “A Journey of Laawaris”

  1. Sad but cruel reality of life. People are more prone towards things now, instead of their relations and association are only there when you meet them, and be there in-front of them. its not like this, because you have choose this life style its because people are changed now.i see nothing wrong in what you are doing.
    as more people are adopting life style like you, whats your thoughts about getting a life partner with similar thoughts and travel with her..? just a question..?

  2. Kamran you are playing with our imotions. Reading you story with tears from my eyes I can feel the hardness as you build your house. And now unthinkable BATWARA.
    I have also build my house same way as you did and after countless years made my home. But your story is heart touching. But kindly don’t think your self a LAWARIS.now you have countless admirers. And countless blessings and prayers so please don’t feel abondoned.

  3. It is very true. You must have felt abandoned. Your sisters who tore your name from the book of their lives are simply pursuing the path of millions (and in majority) materialistic people. At the same time you should feel proud that what none of them could do, you are doing and achieving every single day of your life. Take pity on them, sell this house and assure them once you are there, they will get their share of property. Let them their dreams. You have your own. I am always with you no matter what. Think of me as your brother 🙂 Now cheer up and start riding. Your destinies await you.

  4. life is too big to quarrel for materialistic things. I wish they could learn the importance of a fine thread that holds the relation so tight. this is the worst materialistic era we’re breathing in. it is you and few others who suffers a lot and leaving a legacy of lessones for others how to keep the essence of life alive. God bless you and our prayers are with you hoping all your problems will be solved.

  5. Kamran, your story just tore my heart away. I could feel the heat in which you and your father and brothers have worked their way up, finally being successful in having a home they desired. They entrusted you for having the house so it would keep all of you tightly knitted, but then comes the bad part! Priorities! and everyone comes with a pack of their own. These priorities change everything.

    I felt so much pain on why these material things become more important in our lives than real relationships, feelings and love. Probably they failed to understand you completely, a person who has even left his own home, his job, his comfortable life, in what sense, would he occupy that house lying miles away.

    Despite being in solitude for so long, you still yearn for that sense of belonging. And there is no harm in that. That’s a basic human feeling. There are people who make you feel homeless and then at the same time, you have people like John, who despite having no blood relationship with you, have opened the doors of their homes as well as their hearts.

    With every step of yours, that you are taking in this journey, its not only you who is learning and opening up, its each one of us (the ones who are eager to seek) who is learning and opening up our minds to so many different worlds, people, cultures, thought-processes, acceptances, resistances, ways of life, ways of accommodating people, ways of compassion.

  6. This world is weird when even your own (or atleast that you think are your own) also change due to certain small things. I feel for you as I am also sort of going through something similar, I haven’t reached the point where my siblings will stop talking to me but I can see it coming too. All this because I am not allowed to marry someone of my own choice because LOG KYA KAHEIN GAY! All my future plans, goals, thoughts and ideas need to be erased just so that I can marry someone of my father’s choice for no reason. I asked them to give me one reason only one reason that I shouldn’t marry and they just BUS NAHI KRNI…. It makes me more and more curios and disappointed and makes me want to just disappear. It’s crushing my deep inside that if I chose my happiness and chase my dreams I will lose my parents and if I don’t then I will lose myself. I never understand why can’t they just simply be happy with my decision, afterall I am the one who is going to spend the rest of my life with the girl that I chose and it won’t make any difference to them but somehow no matter how many reasons I give to them compared to their NO reason at all, I fail in convincing them and my father hasn’t talked to me for about a month now. I feel like I’m slowly losing my siblings too because MAIN FARMA BARDAR BETA NAHI HON.

    Kamran I really hope you will find a good solution to your problem and all the best for your journey. I have been following you and I wish I could do the same but somehow the visa situation on Pakistani passport seems to get worse day by day.

  7. Its very SAD but, real face of our so called society, and its sick mentality. but on the other side it is not their fault who are asking for their shares. the real culprit is our society where these thoughts evolves.

    Sooner or later you have to unburden yourself with the knot of your father house. as you have mentioned and mentioned it 100% right that nothing can snatch your mothers lap wherever you are.

    Bless You Brother

  8. Kamran bhai read your journey and have no words to describe my feelings. I have a lots of Prayers and Best wishes for you. Allah Bless you my brother. Stay Blessed.

  9. I just too got tears, perhaps, every person in this world has his own story,

    Kamran dear, you are my inspiration to start cycling. I nothing more to say!
    ALLAH bless you more and more, Ameen.

    I always love to see your posts on Facebook TL, Your every picture is eye-catching.

  10. My goodness.
    Let me share a fact that last time when he came to Pakistan I met him for the first time and I’ve never met anyone that much clear and clean hearted in my life. He was literally full of life.
    My eyes are literally burst into tears. And that’s truth our parents are the biggest blessings from Allah. And it’s a harsh reality that everyone is running behind materials there are no emotions, no family, no care only and only money, if you have money you’ve everything.

  11. I find no words to express my sentiments. This is the ugly face of our society. Willy or nilly we have to cope with this. Your approach towards life is motivational for all of us. Allah ap k dil ko skoon de(aameen).

  12. Kamran.
    Meda sonhra bhira,

    Tough but reality of the life.
    Go and start your own chapter with life partner and babies. You will be busy with more different things, this is the only way to get rid of memories those you explained.

    I think i am right.


  13. The concept of oneness says we’re all different parts of the same being. I hope you never think of them as an ‘other’ but only refer to that behavior of theirs as ‘the other side’ of you, me and us.
    Each one of us has good and bad, and I am sure you of all the people are ready to accept each one of us as a whole, as what we are. I hope you never reject another for a trait you can’t fancy. I hope you know that trait is a part of us a whole, and that we are but one.

    I dearly suggest you Kamran bhai, to face this concern brought up by your sisters. Don’t let a mere house of bricks be a reason for your siblings to divide. Let them have it at your earliest, and never think of removing them from your heart. You know they’re naive, but you are not.. you are a bigger man.

    And yes, you’re not Lawaaris. There will only be one KamranonBike from Layyah, and his legacy will stay forever. There is no destination, but only a journey. Good luck with your journey and stay blessed. Your words are preserved deep within our hearts, you’ll ‘never’ be forgotten.

  14. I am not going to judge you or your siblings but as you have put your story so it is open to comments and here are my two cents. I don’t know what your siblings said but if they demand their share in the house, that does not seem to me as unrealistic call. Secondly a man like you whose survivor skills and perseverance is an inspiration for all of us should not be bothered by the realities of life but work around them. yes relationships are realities as well but you have left them far away and have chosen a different life and the world as your relatives. So as you have duties to world relatives you also have duties to your siblings. You should happily distribute the house among yourselves and make it a new start for yourself. As you said yourself that you should raise above the small issues and keep thinking big. Don’t forget to pray and study and have an objective at the end of the cycling to use it for the betterment of human life, if you can.

  15. Bro i am one of very early followers of ur joutney. Always loved to read u and wish to live like u. Cruelity of what happening to our social norms with every day passed. Materialism and materialistic approach have ruined our family system. These are your feelings your thoughts, despite getting heart talk to ur sisters as blood has its effects and attraction. And do a catharsis that while living such nomad life have u fulfilled ur responsibilities of being brother (definately not talking about financial ones) have u spent enough time with ur sisters or brothers or their kids during last 5 or so years????

  16. Bro i am one of very early followers of ur joutney. Always loved to read u and wish to live like u. Cruelity of what happening to our social norms with every day passed. Materialism and materialistic approach have ruined our family system. These are 6 feelings your thoughts, despite getting heart talk to ur sisters as blood has its effects and attraction. And do a catharsis that while living such nomad life have u fulfilled ur responsibilities of being brother (definately not talking about financial ones) have u spent enough time with ur sisters or brothers or their kids during last 5 or so years????

  17. You are lucky, if your siblings are asking after death of your parents.

    In my case, my siblings are even asking in the life of my very old and handicape mother, who after many hardships made our dream HOME a reality and insisting that she may move to any of other brothers. 🙂

    You chose your path and they have their own lives. Main thing is that the life continues for everyone and we people living abroad keep entangled with the POINT when we left Pakistan. Marriage and routine life of siblings in Pakistan changes their perspectives of thoughts and approach to life.

    I wish after you finish your Journey, May you establish financially and personally in life anywhere in world.

    Bitter reality is that, we people living abroad just keep our emotional attachment, even if we practically / financially doing nothing for our siblings, whereas materialistic approach is always there in mind of normal person living in Pakistan. Even if we don’t have we are going through hardships, nobody will bother about that, as we chose our own path.

    P.S. I could not understand the statement of your sisters about tearing you in their lives. If it is just due to house or further financial demands or lack of communication from your side.

  18. Dear Kamran,
    we can only pray for you. May Allah be with you, and bless you with happiness and all what you wish. Here is a bit poetry May be you like it…..
    جو اُس نے کیا اسے صِلہ دے
    مولا مجھے صبر کی جزا دے
    یا مرے دیئے کی لو بڑھادے
    یا رات کو صبح سے ملا دے
    سچ ہوں تو مجھے امر بنا دے
    جھوٹا ہوں تو نقش سب مٹادے
    یہ قوم عجیب ہوگئی ہے
    اس قوم کو خُوئے انبیاء دے
    بچوں کی طرح یہ لفظ میرے
    معبود انہیں بولنا سکھا دے
    مجھ سے مرا کوئی ملنے والا
    بچھڑا تو نہیں مگر ملا دے

  19. Kamran … Almighty has designed this system of universe in such a way that nothing that we do physically or mentally ever goes to waste. Although you may not realize while in the middle of the journey tackling immediate issues. There is good that is happening every minute. It will all become a picture for you once you achieve your goal.

    Value of what you have accomplished is so far ahead of its time that only few people can
    recognize it. When the time is right it will all come together.

    I can today see where you are headed although you may think of yourself as La warris
    I don’t. There is a plethora of work waiting for you.

    Job is slavery… what you are doing is being on top of the world writing your own destiny. It is called entrepreneurship. We need more of you in the world.

    Believe it and keep on Peddling till Pordhu Bay.

  20. Don’t worry dear Kamran it’s a common story of every family of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We all build houses by a hard earned savings of small amounts or coins. And then after the death of parents or some times in their lives this hard earned savings is encashed or liquefied for distribution amongst all the sibblings. Don’t be centimental just relax and enjoy your super trip. For you this whole planet is your Home.

  21. I think you must fall in love with someone who is already fallen in love with you somewhere sometime ago. No one knows much better than you that life is such a short sentence and its not far when one can see the FULL STOP over the horizon. Always following you.

  22. Very Heart Wrenching. I could feel the pain of you. How the Blood Relations Become So strangers. They must be aware of your suffering on the road. Despite of any moral support are feel of togetherness they have only interest in the property….ALLAH BLESS YOU

  23. Hi Kamran, first i think your are no more an Abandoned one, cause we are with every pedal you push on the way ahead. Either consider us a Ghost or a Follower/ Fan , whatever but atleast you are not alone. Second we can understand the emotion when such demands are faced specially while one is travelling. Call it sensitivity, cause one speaks to him/herself alot while travelling or trekking so things often get emotional. Please remember , sisters donot get enough from the Properties since they are married to an earning man. Just for a moment think if their family expenditures are not met as per the rising costs of basic livings in Pak. They being mothers will search for every penny to make their household running. I feel the only reserve they are left with must be the your same Home Unsold which you made with your hands. Since you have chosen to be a free soul , traveler , wanderer or explorer, hence keeping keeping properties like house that too locked is serving no purpose. I feel its gona haunt you and can only drag you. I Hope im making some sense to the fact that You Got to be Free Or Kamran Got to be Free of Shackles. I think if you decide to give them their due share , its gonna lighten up their miserable lives and also Lighten up your heart and soul. Another thing i would request is to please keep sheding some light on your daily Cycling/ Touring Challenges / imp aspects, cause You may not realise, but you are creating Bicycle travellers back in your country , motivated by your journey on bicycle and looking to practical aspects of Touring long distances. Regards

  24. Inspirational! That’s one word that comes to my mind whenever I visit your website and read about your journeys.
    Next time you are in London I would love to meet you.

  25. Dear Kamran,
    Keep on moving and forget others. Always remember:
    “Sitaron ke aage jahan aaur bhi hain.”
    People are waiting for you with beautiful hearts. Allah gave you golden opportunity very few are lucky enough to have. Be brave and use this opportunity meeting new words, take pics and keep on writing the amazing stories as you always. Many of us are fortunate enough to see and feel this wonderful word through your camera lens and stories.
    We are indeed very thankful to you. May Almighty keep you always healthy and remove all hurdles coming into your journey.
    سیر کر دنیا کی غالب
    زندگانی پھر کھاں
    زندگانی گر ھے
    تو نوجوانی پیر کھاں

    Happy journey 💐

  26. Dear hermanito, in Mexico you will always have a place to stay, to rest, to think, to write, to recover your health and to feel that sometimes the best family are the friends.

  27. When the great ALBERT EINSTEIN was jobless for several years. And people were definite of Einstein as a hopeless man with some dream theories and good at nothing. Einstein was in a state of deep depression, but at a dinner, someone told him a great line:

    ‘Suffering is necessary for Art’

    Kamran Sir! You are a man of courage and Art, both. You understand well all the faces of Life, the sweetness & the bitterness; the harshness & the softness. You are pursuing a life what many out there wish for. You will get the fruit Insha’ALLAH!

    Stay Blessed!

  28. Kami,
    Photographers and Programmers and even writers make great money here in the US, You have all the great skills,you can become a freelancer, make money by providing your photography / Programming/Writing services here in the US. You have the best set of cameras for stills and videos both.you can register your own company.Trust me you dont need any money to do that,no need to work for anyone,get setteled have children, start a new life! That is on another tangent….

    You can always hit the road again, your cameras and bicycle will stay with you always.
    on Batwara! ‘Shit happens’ that is the story of every house back there.

  29. I wish if i can hug you tightly and throw away all your sadness. You are not alone. you are pride of Pakistan and our brother. Love you so much. May Allah bless you always.

    • Very sad story.
      بڑی دل گداز کہانی ہے۔ با قی بہن بھائی ماں باپ کی نشانی بیچ دئیے جانے پررضامند نہیں ہیں ۔ گھر بالکل بھی نہیں بیچنا۔

  30. Kamran
    You are our hero.
    I have never seen anyone with so much courage and determination to fulfill their dreams. May Allah Bless you with happiness and success.
    Please keep sharing your posts


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