My Story at BBC Urdu

People often ask me if there is a single article where they can read my story. Well, BBC Urdu has just published the most comprehensive article about me. It reveals details I haven’t shared anywhere else. Right now, it is only available in Urdu language. This article is very special to me for two reasons.

First, BBC Urdu is where I initially learnt how to compile photo essays. Back in 2003, when I bought my first DSLR camera and got myself into photography, I loved reading BBC Urdu’s photo essays. They were my favourite part of their website.

I would read them, again and again, to learn how to tell a story with a set of photos and small captions. Little did I know back then that I would be on the road for so long and sharing my experiences primarily in the form of photo essays.

The second reason is that though I quit reading newspapers and watching current affair programs a long time ago, I still visit every day to read the news.

So when a few weeks ago Mr Arif Shamim of BBC Urdu contacted me for an interview, I immediately said yes. Otherwise, generally, I don’t do interviews due to my introvert personality.

This interview was an honour. In a way, it was time to give back. The stories I write and the stories you love so much on KamranOnBike, website has played a huge role in teaching me how to tell them. Today, I have become a story myself and again learnt so much from the way they compiled it.

Do give it a read!

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