Bike Fixing In Bukhara

My bicycle suffered few blows during the ride in Turkmenistan. Today I went in search of a bicycle repair shop in Bukhara. After asking for directions innumerable times, I found myself in an old narrow-streeted bazar with shops full of used spare parts and mechanics, both men and women, busy in their work.

I just had to show it to Jamshed what problem my bicycle was having, and he was onto the job in a flash. He did not utter a word until the bicycle was ready. He found the missing parts of my front brake from a pile of old spare parts.

He changed the brake cable and tuned the front and the rear brakes. Jamshed found out that the rear wheel was wobbly, due to the bumpy ride in Turkmenistan, and straightened it by tightening the spokes. He also lubricated the chain. He worked at a remarkable speed. For his work, he charged me a very fair amount of 30,000 Som, about 6 USD.

Now I just need to fix the odometer magnet onto the wheel and bicycle is again ready to roll. I am a relieved man!

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