Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall

Deep in the rainforest, a waterfall plunges into a deep canyon with a thundering noise. They call this waterfall Pailon Del Diablo or Devil’s Cauldron.

Like a moth overwhelmed by the love for the flame flies directly into it, the (Rio) Verde river jumps from the cliff in a suicidal manner and crashes into the feet of the canyon. By sacrificing and losing its identity, it achieves a union with its beloved; the (Rio) Pastaza river. The two become one.

Pailon del Diablo is located about 18km from Baños in Ecuador on the Ruta de Cascadas or The Waterfall Route. It is about 80 meters high. There are stairs which lead to the viewing balconies and a cave you can crawl to get right behind the waterfall. The sheer force of the waterfall sprays mist on your face. The noise is deafening. Our guide points his finger to a devil’s face in the rocks opposite to the waterfall. “Indeed!” everyone exclaims. There is a sinister feeling in the air. The devil is watching the waterfall, quietly and secretly– neither he sleeps nor he forgives if you steal anything from him. No wonder why the locals named this waterfall Pailon del Diablo or Devil’s Cauldron.

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