Agua Azul Waterfalls

[stag_dropcap font_size=“120px” style=”normal”]T[/stag_dropcap]housands of waterfalls rush down bouncing through the rocks at Agua Azul. It has started to become dark in the Chiapas rainforest in southern Mexico. The cascading water glistens in the soft blue twilight. A gentle breeze sprays tiny drops of water on my face. There is a certain tranquillity in the tumbling … Read more

Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall

Deep in the rainforest, a waterfall plunges into a deep canyon with a thundering noise. They call this waterfall Pailon Del Diablo or Devil’s Cauldron. Like a moth overwhelmed by the love for the flame flies directly into it, the (Rio) Verde river jumps from the cliff in a suicidal manner and crashes into the … Read more