Yellowstone National Park

Do you know what was the world’s first national park? The answer is Yellowstone National Park in the US. It took a photographer, a painter and a geological survey team to explore the region and convince the US Congress to withdraw this region from public auction. In 1872, Yellowstone was declared as—“a public park…for the … Read more

Agua Azul Waterfalls

[stag_dropcap font_size=“120px” style=”normal”]T[/stag_dropcap]housands of waterfalls rush down bouncing through the rocks at Agua Azul. It has started to become dark in the Chiapas rainforest in southern Mexico. The cascading water glistens in the soft blue twilight. A gentle breeze sprays tiny drops of water on my face. There is a certain tranquillity in the tumbling … Read more

Many Shapes of Quilotoa Lake

About four hours of drive from Quito there is a lake tucked away in the mountains. Located at over 3500-m altitude, this volcanic crater lake is filled with emerald green water. They call it Quilotoa Lake. Today, while sitting on the edge of the crater I look at the lake in its entirety. A soothing … Read more

First Encounter In Ecuador

I sweated profusely and my heart knocked like a hammer inside my chest as I ground my teeth on the way uphill. A vehicle carrying a family honked the horn as it overtook me and then stopped. A man stepped out of the car and came running to me. “Are you Okay? Do you need … Read more

A Floating Tent and A Sinking Dream!

After a day of cycling on the gravel road, I reach the bank of Rio Baker river. Each screw of my body is loose. I wipe off the dust and sweat on my face with the cold turquoise-blue water of the river. It is very quiet but in my head I can hear the bicycle … Read more

Eating Watermelons in Bulgaria

No matter how much water I drink during the ride I’m always feeling thirsty. On the way to Oryahovo, Bulgaria I saw a pile of watermelons along the road and my hands immediately pulled the brakes without any involvement of the brain. I ate one full watermelon and had an interesting interaction with the Varia, … Read more