Places I slept. Part 1

During the last five years of my bicycle travels, I have spent numerous nights in the wilderness and camped in all sorts of abandoned buildings, ghost towns, churches, mosques, bus stops, deserted vehicles, and offices. In Alaska, I even spent a night inside a pit toilet. Far away from home, these unusual places became my home for a night or two.

Over the years, I have come to realize that no matter where we fall asleep, our dreams will not change. Once we are on a journey with our inner voice leading us, no matter how broken we are at the end of the day, we are reborn the next morning. The only thing we remember from the past is the dream that made us take this journey. We set out again. We run. We pedal. Our eyes fixed on the horizon. Our heart beating with a secret promise to ourselves. Yesterday we crawled. Today, we are flying. Leaving all the worries behind like the dust.

In part one of the “Place I Slept” series, I present to you some sleeping locations from Utah and Arizona in the US, Chile, Mexico, Northern Canada, and Alaska.

Utah, US.
Utah, US.
Utah, US.
Northwest Territories, Canada


Inside a chapel, Chile
Arizona, US.
Baja California, Mexico.
Northern Canada.
Inside a pit toilet in Alaska.


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