Imranli to Erzincan

Going downhill from Kasaplar, while it was raining with snow, turned out to be one of the most epic rides. At Kasaplar summit, situated at over 2100 m, I was invited by a Jandarma (Turkish Constabulary) officer over tea when the guards at the checkpost notified him about a stranger taking pictures in the freezing … Read more


It was all gravel and uphill soon after leaving the town of Zara. Only two to three cars crossed me in an hour. The first climb lasted for about 6 kilometres. I walked sometimes because I was careful of my hip injury from yesterday. The road offered scenic views of nearby hills which were dry. … Read more

A new beginning in Sivas.

As I pressed the shutter button on the camera to take the picture in front of Sivas Bus Terminal, “No Card” sign started flashing off on the camera’s LCD. I had forgotten the 128 GB memory card at the Divan Hotel reception where I had taken it off to upload the farewell picture. Before, I … Read more